1. Kenosis – The beauty and goodness of self-sacrifice for the good of others.
    2. The Inner Light – God speaks directly to all people, which demonstrates the equality and dignity of all persons, regardless of race, creed, or gender.
    3. Honesty – Integrity of speech in all we do, free from the need to “spin” the truth.
    4. Listening – Openness and responsiveness to God through waiting and discernment.
    5. Generosity – Sharing our resources with any and all in need as a response to God’s self-giving grace (kenosis).
    6. Simplicity – An inward condition of contentment that free us from the burden of needing to impress others.
    7. Education – A deep love of learning that engenders a desire to train the hearts, souls and minds of the next generation of leaders.
    8. Excellence – Glorifying God through the quality of our work.
    9. Value Creation – Using our God given resources to create real, long-term value in all we do for the benefit of our organization, our investors, our customers, our partnering organizations, and ultimately, God’s Kingdom.
    10. Stewardship – Diligently committing to the responsible management and cultivation of the resources entrusted.

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