Here’s a great resource from Alan Fadling (author of An Unhurried Life). Alan will be leading an all day intensive session–“An Unhurried Leader”–on Thursday of the National  Conference and workshops on Friday and Saturday.

Dallas Willard famously quipped the most important thing in spiritual formation is “to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.”

Alan Fadling discusses that teaching and much more about slowing down in this video.

If you’ve got a long drive or some extra time, check out the whole video.

If you can’t watch the whole thing, there are notable quotes and timestamps below.

“I am a recovering speed addict….By that I mean the pace of my own heart. I am still in recovery. I do not write as one who has reached the mountaintop and seen the vision and now park in the oasis of unhurried.” (Time: 5:23)

“What I have begun to believe and what lies at the heart of this book is that I follow an unhurried Savior.” (6:54)

“Jesus has all of the time you need for you.” (7:32)

“When we come with our concerns, when we come with our worries, when we come for whatever reason we come, we have Jesus’ full attention. He is an unhurried Savior. Isn’t that amazing? That makes you feel special.” (8:12)

“If we are followers of an unhurried Savior, what might that do to our lives?” (8:54)

“Can you imagine being able to live a life in the following of an unhurried savior that was actually unhurried and fruitful? Unhurried and fruitful are not two different islands to choose. Unhurried and productive are not two different places to visit. Fruitfulness in our lives comes from a place of rootedness.” (10:18)

“The Christian life can become any number of things other than a life lived abiding in Jesus together in community to bless the world. It can become a long list of meetings I attend. It can become the feeling like longer I’m a Christian the longer the to-do list gets.” (14:22)

“I found myself in the weird position at times of pursuing the work of God to escape the face of God. I got busier and busier and busier with stuff I was doing for God, so much so, that I didn’t have any time to listen to him, to just relate to him as a son. To just enjoy the relationship that I had available with God through him, through Jesus.”  (15:08)

“Jesus is far more interested in who I’m becoming, and I tend to be more interested in what I’m doing.” (16:32)

“Love does not work very well in a hurry.” (18:05)

“Loving relationships flourish in unhurried time.” (18:46)

“You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” – Dallas Willard (20:00)

“There is no need greater for me than communion with the Father through the Son by the Spirit. There is nothing more nourishing, nothing more life-giving than that relationship.” (29:03)

“Authority and splendor, I think, are at the heart at a lot of the temptations we find ourselves falling to.” (30:25)

“Temptation is trying to grab for myself something the Father already wants to give me as a gift.” (30:52)

“An unhurried life realizes that all I will ever need, I experience and receive from a generous Father who doesn’t skimp, who doesn’t hold back good things, but wants us to learn that good things are little good, and that big Good, capital G good is found in communion with God.” (32:35)

“Culturally, ‘slow’ equals ‘bad’. Unhurried, no different. Just bad. Fast. Look that word up. Mostly positive, zippy, happy definitions.” (40:27)

“When I look at Jesus, the longer I watch him in the Gospels, the more I see that he is modeling for me how his unhurried way would help me, for example, to identify and resist the temptations that cross my path.” (41:32)

About the good Samaritan story: “It is a beautiful picture of unhurried love.” (44:45)

“The great commandment is not ‘get more things done’ but that has been my working great commandment for many years. And many of those things are things I was doing for God, so what’s wrong with that? The great commandment, we all know, is to love God with all of our energies, all of our capacities, all of our mind and heart and soul and strength. That’s the great commandment. It hasn’t changed.” (45:46)

Thanks to Alan for making this resource available. Thanks also to Kalika Jaeckel for compiling the quotes.

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