Since Sunday, I haven’t seen a lot of continuing Easter mentions on social media or blogs. I know Protestants have been kind of slow to get back into the Lent thing, but it seems like we’re even slower to get on board with the season of Easter. Easter is seven weeks long, Lent is only six!

But, still, it seems we live into the deprivation of Lent more fully and readily than we do the joy and celebration of Easter.

Maybe it’s the old Protestant work ethic. Maybe we are a little scared that people will think we’re too happy. We could use a little of the spark of Teresa of Avila, “From silly devotions and sour-faced saints, spare us, O Lord.”¹

What if our church leaders and leading thinkers called us as forcefully to feast as they did to fast? What would that church look like? It might be a good and beautiful community so attractive to those outside it that people can’t help but be curious, if not drawn in.

All that Lenten preparation just goes out the window if you don’t share some Easter festive joy with others! Fasting and feasting are two sides of the same coin, you can’t have one without the other:

“People should feast so they do not forget the grace and the blessing of the world. People should fast so they do not degrade or hoard the gifts of God. In short, we feast to glorify God and we fast so we do not glorify ourselves.“²  –Norman Wirzba

Sure, Jesus fasted. But he was no stranger to feasting. He was so great that he was accused of being a glutton and a drunkard! If you didn’t give up Pelagianism for Lent, why not give it up for Easter?**Paolo Veronese--The Wedding at Cana

**Paolo Veronese–The Wedding at Cana

How can you live into the joy of Easter more fully this year? If you never realized Easter went past last Sunday, start there.

If that’s old hat…Christians are good at fasting and talking about fasting or giving things up for Lent, but not a lot of people talk about training for joy.

Yeah, it sounds a little cheesy, but I think it might be what we (I) need this Easter. Being intentional about feasting could be just the training you need.

I love the words from the Book of Common Prayer Eucharistic Liturgy: “Alleluia. Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us; Therefore let us keep the feast. Alleluia.”

Hopefully you feasted on Easter Sunday, but how will you continue to keep the feast throughout this season?

¹Quoted by Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel (Multnomah Books, 2005), 149.
²Norman Wirzba, Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating (Cambridge Press, 2011), 137.

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